About “Real name Authentication”

Real name certification interest:

Hcard maximum balance350USD13000USD
ATM withdrawals
Single timewon’t support1000USD
Single daywon’t support2500USD
annuallywon’t support25000USD

Supporting documents:
Users of different nationalities need to submit different real name authentication data. Mainland China and Hong Kong support ID cards, while other regions only support passports.

Why electronic signature is needed
The electronic signature user signs the online application form, which is used to authenticate the use of hcard

Is real name data safe
The navigator does not save your real name authentication information, but only transmits it to the cooperative bank, which ensures data security

About the theft and refusal to pay application questions

What should I do if I suspect my card has been stolen?

Immediately contact the company to suspend the account and clearly inform the incident. Contact the merchant to cancel the transaction and stop sending the goods, and call the police as soon as possible.

When should I apply for refusal of payment?

Cardholders are required to submit their application to the company within 45 days after the transaction.

How to apply for refusal?

Cardholders can apply for refusal of payment by emailing our customer service (

What documents should be prepared to apply for refusal of payment?

Application form for refusal of payment (please contact customer service), report records and other evidence/documents for reference.

How long does it take to complete the rejection after the application is submitted?

Generally within 90 days after the application is submitted.

How much is the refusal fee?

First refusalPay itemsFee amount (per transaction)Instructions
Commissioned handling feeUSD40RMB280HKD320This fee will not be refundable, whether or not the refusal is successful
Refusal to pay transaction feeAmount of refusal *1%This fee is related to the amount of refusal. No matter whether the refusal application is successful or not, this fee will not be refunded.
Second refusal of payment     
Commissioned handling feeUSD1,000RMB7,000HKD8,400This fee will not be refundable, whether or not the refusal is successful
Project handling feeUSD500RMB3,500HKD4,200This fee is ultimately borne by the unsuccessful party who refuses to pay the application; however, it is paid in advance by the applicant at the time of submitting the application. If the refusal is successful, the fee will be returned to the applicant in the original amount; if the refusal fails, the fee will not be refunded. The fee is ultimately paid by the responsible party; if the refusal is successful, the merchant will bear the cost; if the refusal fails, the cardholder will bear the cost.

HWhat role does Hcard play in the rejection process?

The company will apply for refusal to Mastercard as soon as possible, and transfer the data and documents provided by the cardholder to Mastercard for trial.

How to ensure card security?

Ensure the security of your card: prevent others from knowing and leaking the prepaid card data (including card number, expiry date, security number), prohibit others from using your card, prohibit others from recording your card data, and do not inform others of your card data. Ensure your login security: you must log off your computer, trading platform and system immediately after each transaction with prepaid card to prevent others from logging in illegally and stealing or using your data.

Secure your devices: all electronic devices (including mobile phones, tablets and computers), systems and devices used for trading must have valid passwords and appropriate anti-virus devices to prevent hacking and poisoning.

Secure your data: do not store prepaid CARDS and personal data on merchant terminals and networks to avoid interception and use by unscrupulous merchants or hackers.

Secure your password: do not log on to the trading platform and enter your password when a third party is present or CCTV may be filming your electronic devices. Change your password regularly. Don’t give out your password.

Secure your network: do not use public computers or access trading platforms over public wireless networks.

Ensure your trading safety: Adjust your trading quota, and you can always lower your trading quota. In case your card is stolen, your loss will be greatly reduced.

Common Questions

The card works, but suddenly it’s locked
This is because your card habit triggers the risk control of the bank, which causes the card to be temporarily stopped. In this case, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will appeal to the issuer for handling

What to do if the card is lost
Please select the lost card in the app card management card replacement page, select the lost card and pay the card replacement fee. We will make up the card for you and mail it to the address you filled in.

Forget the payment password
Please input the card number and mobile phone verification code in the app card management modify payment password page to reset the payment password

What to do if cash withdrawal or other quota is used up within one year
The limit can only be updated on January 1 of the following year. If you can’t meet your needs, please buy another hcard at the service provider

What caused the payment failure?

Common reasons for payment failure include: insufficient balance; Exceeding specified trading limits; Improper use of the card (expired or expired, changing the mobile phone number within 24 hours, etc.) causes the card to be suspended; Merchants do not accept this card.

When encountering the above problems, you can follow the prompt message when the payment fails to understand the reason. If the prompt instructs you to contact the card issuing bank, please contact our customer service as soon as possible to help you solve the problem.

What information should I fill in the Hcard for online payment?

Generally, it is necessary to fill in the card number, validity period and safety code. Some websites may need to fill in the cardholder’s name; billing address (personal address when you apply for Hcard)

How to know the card quota standard?

See hcard schedule of rates and quota for details

How to Obtain Transaction Records?

You can view all your transaction records within one year in the APP.

How to recharge?

Please consult your card channel manager.

How long is the freezing period of the card after the cancellation of the order?

Normally, we will freeze the payment until we receive a revocation order from the merchant.Even if we do not receive a revocation order from the merchant:

  1. If the amount of the transaction is less than CNY100, the amount of the transaction will be automatically unfrozen after 15 days;
  2. If the transaction amount is equivalent to CNY100.01 – CNY5000, the transaction amount will be unfrozen automatically after 40 days;
  3. If the transaction amount is more than CNY5000, the transaction amount will not be unfrozen automatically, and the merchant must cancel the authorization voluntarily, so please remind your merchant to automatically cancel the authorization instruction after the order is cancelled.

How do I renew and refund my personal card?

Please consult customer service for details.

Form of supplementary information

If you need to submit additional information, please send the information together with the card number to email and wait for feedback.

Format of supplementary information:

1. Household register
A household register issued by the local government.

2. Public utilities bill
Such as water, electricity, gas and other living related payment documents。

If the bill does not show your name but address, please provide the account book, real estate certificate or rental agreement of the address.

3. Account statement
You need to print the account details of your bank card at the bank, and you need to stamp it

4. Occupation certificate (seal required)
Certificate of incumbency issued by the company to be employed, with the official seal of the company

5. Family name
Please provide the name of the immediate family member as required

6. Certificate of no criminal record
No criminal record certificate issued by local police station or other public security department, with seal

Hcard rates and quotas


 Overseas spending/non-local currency transaction fee1.5%See note1
Abnormal transaction processing fee0.5USD per transactionSee note2
TransferHcard exchange fee0 
ATM withdrawalWithdrawal fee3.5%See note3
Balance inquiryAPP0 
ATM inquiry balance0.5USD per transaction  
Replacement cardHcard40USD 
Dormant account management feeHcard2USD/MouthSee note4
Expired account management feeHcard 15USD/MouthSee note5
Cancellation card account feeHcard  15USD 
Refund feeHcard 0.5USD per transaction 


Card credits,recharge quotasingle consumtotal consumption credit Hcard exchangeATM withdrawal
Not real name 350USDReal name certification 13000USD(special offer) is currently not limitedNo limitNo limitNo limit(Unrealized name is not available)Single up to 1000USDUp to 2,500 USD per dayUp to 25,000 USD per year


1. Overseas spending/non-local currency transaction fee
Offshore transactions are applicable to transactions conducted outside Hong Kong; non-local currency transaction fees are applicable to ATM withdrawals, credit card transactions or online transactions in currencies other than the global card currency; overseas payments and non-local currency transaction fees are in the same Only one of the transactions is accepted

2, abnormal transaction processing fee
Charge rule: Any one of the following conditions is met, that is, an abnormal transaction processing fee is generated.
a. In the monthly cycle, small transactions will be generated in the current month (single transaction is less than 10 RMB (HKD 11 or USD 1.5) more than 3 times, and every small transaction starting from the 4th will be charged abnormal transaction processing fee; 0 yuan transaction Except; the next month clear record re-billing;
b. In the monthly cycle, the authorization failure caused by insufficient balance is 3 consecutive times or the cumulative authorization fails 5 times. After each failure due to insufficient balance, no matter the size, an abnormal transaction processing fee is charged. Monthly clear record re-billing; pause card is also the same;
3. Withdrawal fee: The withdrawal of the US dollar in Hong Kong is 1.5%.
4, dormant account management fee dormant account management fee: no transaction occurred within 6 months, start the monthly dormant account management fee in the 7th month
5. Expired account management fee: After the Hcard expires, the monthly account management fee will be charged every month until the balance is 0, and the card will be automatically cancelled.
6. Refund handling fee: After a successful transaction, a refund occurs.

How to apply for a replacement card?

Supplementary Card Procedure

  1. In case of card loss or damage, please contact customer service first
  2. After verifying the information, the customer service will charge the fee for card replacement (card replacement is not supported if the user does not have a real name).
  3. Customer service will contact the card issuer, business card printing, the new card will have a different card number
  4. After the new card is made, the balance of the old card will be transferred to the new card, and the system will automatically replace the old card with the new card in the App
  5. After you receive the new card, it can be used normally

Instructions for supplementary cards

  • There will be a charge for replacing the card, please contact customer service for details
  • After the new card is made, the old card will be cancelled. After the cancellation, consumption, recharge, transfer and other operations are not allowed
  • After the new card is successfully made, the balance of the original card will be transferred to the new card, and the old card will be automatically replaced in the App
  • It will take about 30 working days to supplement the card. Please ask the customer service for details

How to ensure card security?

Ensure the security of your card: prevent others from knowing and leaking the data of their prepaid card (including card number, valid date, security number), prohibit others from using your card, prohibit others from recording your card data, and do not inform others of your card data.
Ensure your login security: Every time you use prepaid cards for transactions, you must immediately cancel computers, trading platforms and systems to prevent others from illegally logging in and stealing or using your data.
Ensure the safety of your equipment: Electronic devices (including mobile phones, tablets, computers), systems and equipment for trading must be equipped with valid passwords and appropriate anti-virus devices to prevent hackers from intruding and poisoning.
Ensure your data security: Do not store Hcard and personal data in the terminal and network of the customer to avoid illegal businessmen or hackers to intercept and use.
Ensure your password security: When a third party is present or CCTV may be shooting your electronic equipment, do not log in to the trading platform and enter your password. Change your password regularly. Don’t tell others your password.
Ensure your network security: Do not use public computers or log in to trading platforms via public wireless networks.

How to use hcard

How to recharge:
You can ask your service provider how to recharge your hcard. In case of no real name, the maximum balance of your hcard can only be 350usd. After you complete the real name certification, the maximum balance of your hcard is 13000usd.

How to withdraw cash:
Only real name certified hcard can be cashed out at ATM. After you pass the real name authentication, you can withdraw money from any ATM.

However, it is required to limit cash withdrawal to 2500usd per day and 25000usd per year.

PS: please do not carry out the following cash out operations, otherwise the card may be temporarily stopped by the bank’s risk control system. After the card is stopped, the corresponding data shall be provided to restore normal.

·More than 2000 USD is withdrawn every day for several consecutive days
·Cash withdrawal over 10000 USD in the past half month

How to consume:
You can swipe at any merchant that supports MasterCard offline, or bind the card to e-commerce platform or online payment tool for online payment

The reason and solution of real name authentication rejected

Why the photo is not clear
Please keep the document complete and legible when taking photos. The face of the hand-held certificate can be seen clearly.

·Why do you remind me that the number of account for certificate application has reached the upper limit?
Each certificate can apply for up to 2 Global paid hcard cards. You can try to change the certificate and submit the real name certification again. If not, please contact < > for complaint handling

·Why am I blacklisted?
This prompt shows that you are in the blacklist of the cooperative bank. Please send an email to < > for complaint handling, or change the certificate for real name authentication

Why do I need to supplement
Due to the law, cooperative banks sometimes require users to submit supplementary information. Please send the card number and additional information required to
If you do not know the format of the supplementary information, please click to check

What is Hcard

Hcard has teamed up with MasterCard to launch a co-branded prepaid card (with a storage limit) that will support only dollar accounts for now. Users can enjoy specified discounts when consuming at designated merchants with their CARDS.

Hcard is not only a safe and convenient international standard account, but also can be used for payment at merchants on mastercard worldwide, consumption at mastercard POS and withdrawal from mastercard ATM.

The company focuses on providing excellent value and considerate discount activities for users in the tourism industry. At present, the company has developed a large number of merchants in Asia, North America, Europe and other places, enabling users to enjoy high-quality service at designated merchants when traveling.

How to get an Hcard?How to get an Hcard?

You can purchase Hcard through application within the APP or through our exclusive channel.

How many Hcard can I use at the same time?

One user can use two Hcard at the same time.

Can Hcard overdraw?

No. When the balance is insufficient to pay the transaction amount, the transaction will fail. If authorization failure occurs continuously due to insufficient balance, service fee will be deducted. For details, please refer to Hcard fee table.

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