With Hcard, there is no need for troublesome application.
The Hcard comes without overdraft, so you won’t be surprised with overdraft fees and accepted at over 50+ Million Locations Worldwide.
Your crypto currencies are converted to cash in a seamless and instant payment.

How to purchase Hcard

Hcard will be delivered in 2-3 weeks.


Please click “Purchase Now” button above.

01-how-to purchase

1. Select the quantity to purchase Hcard.
2.After determining the quantity, click the “Add to Cart” button.

02-how-to purchase

3.Make sure quantity of Hcards, and click the “Proceed to checkout” button.
*If you want to change quantity, change to correct number and click”Update cart” Button.

03-how-to purchase

4.After “Billing details” form is displayed, please fill up your information.
5.If you want to ship to different address, please click Checkbox and fill up the information.


If you scroll display, you can see “Your order” information.
6.Please make sure quantity of Hcards again, and click the “Place order” button.
*1.Hcard payment is only accepted in Bitcoin.
*2.Please be sure to read the privacy policy before purchasing.


9.The “Order Number” is displayed above the screen. Please make a note of it as it will be necessary after the payment is completed.
10.Payment address of Bitcoin will be displayed, please remit the amount displayed on the screen.

11.The “Transaction ID” is displayed in blue letters below the QR code. Please be sure to write it down in a memo as well as the “Order number” as it will be required after payment is complete.


12.After payment,we will confirm your purchase information.
Please fill up the form and send information to us.
Hcard will be delivered in 2-3 weeks after confirmation.

If you didn’t send yet, please send your information form the link below

Apps required to use Hcard

To use Hcard, you need to install two types of apps.
The usage of each application is bellow

Hcard App

The Hcard app is an app required to activate “Hcard”.
You can also check the amount and balance charged to your Hcard and transfer money between Hcard.


Fiatbit App

The Fiatbit app, which has a cryptocurrency exchange function, is mainly for performing “deposit/withdrawal of cryptocurrency”, “transfer to USD”, and “charge to Hcard”.


After receiving Hcard

Install the Hcard app

After receiving Hcard,please activate your Hcard with “Hcard app”.
Download link is bellow.


Hcard app installing to KYC


1. When the installation is complete, tap the “Me” button.


2.Tap “Login” at the top of the screen.


3.Please tap “Sign Up”.


4-5.Please enter your phone number and tap “Send” Button.


6-7.Enter the confirmation code you received by SMS and tap the “Next” button.


8-9.Please enter your new password and tap the “Next” button.


10.Return to the home screen of the app and tap the “Active” button.


11-12.Please enter the number on the back of your Hcard and tap the “send” button.


13-14.Enter the confirmation code you received by SMS and tap the “Next” button.


15-16.Please enter your new password and tap the “Next” button.


18-30.Please fill up your informations and tap the “Next” button.


Detail of Number29
If you tap “29”,” degital signature” form will be display. Please write Signature with your fingre and tap the “Next” button.


31. Please open your passport and take a picture so that you can clearly see your face and the contents of the page, and upload it.
32.Take a picture of your passport face photo page and upload.
33.After upload your picture, tap the “提出”

*KYC authenticate is optional. Please note that the maximum amount of usage will differ if you do not authenticate.

rate / fees

KYC authentication will be completed within 2 to 3 days.
After KYC authentication is completed, you can increase the limit amount or withdraw at ATM.

Install the Fiatbit app

Fiatbit bannar

Access the Fiatbit link from banner above.


1-2.Please enter your phone number and tap “Send” Button.


3-4.Enter the confirmation code you received by SMS and tap the “Register now” button.


5-6.Please make your new password and tap the “Register now” button.


7.Tap the Download button and install Fiatbit app.

*If you fail to download the Fiatbit app, please try from the link below.

Fiatbit app Login

Please open the Fiatbit app after installed.


1.Tap the “Me” button.


2.Tap “Login” at the top of the screen.


3-5.Enter the phone number and password you registered and tap the “log in” button.

Link to Hcard on the Fiatbit app


1.Tap the “Me” button.


2.Tap the “My Bank Cards” button.


3. Tap the “+” button.


4. Please select “Hcard”.
5-7.Please fill up your information and tap the “Confirm Add” button.

Finally, in order to improve security, be sure to set “Google authentication” from “Account security” in the “Me” menu.

After completing the settings, you can use for shopping or withdraw money at over 50+ Million Locations Worldwide.

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